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23 August 2010 @ 03:20 pm
these are pretty shit. have to post them though since i spent hours choosing photos and making. ok going back to watching films on my laptop because i cannot haul my fat arse to the cinema. by the way, all of these are shareable!
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welcome to bleure, a community run by salazars. this community is my sanctuary, a place that i consider safe where i can post icons, banners, perhaps layouts, mixes, recipes, recommendations. because this community is quite personal to me, i've decided to make it members-only, so please join to view entries. however, if you're here for graphics, look under the cut for some examples of my work.

From behind a tree, he watched her; she was to him a divine goddess, her with a daisy chained crown sitting on her pretty little head, dressed in nothing but a pair of pastel-coloured floral underwear, her fine ringlets framing her delicate visage. He traced his fingers over the silhouette of her figure, the curve of her breast, her thigh. Three orange-and-white butterflies flew past him as he approached the girl, his eyes brightening with every step. Collapse )